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Camarillo Plumbing: Hydro Jet pipe cleaning

Hydro jet plumbing is usually the next step to cleaning out a drain that is clogged if a snake cant remove the debris. There are some downsides to hydro jetting because it can break brittle or damaged piping.  However, hydro jets can clear piping out more thoroughly than a snake can. Hydro jets run water through a line at very high pressures so that the debris stuck inside can be fully cleared. Unlike a snake this jet can clear out built up mineral deposits and gunk. Hydro jets usually cost more than a snake because the process takes longer and requires more equipment. Sometimes a camera has to be run down the pipe to get a better look at the strength of the pipe it is going into. Plumbers must also determine where the wash out drain is so that they can blast everything out of the entire system, rather than just down the line further. You’re your local plumbing company a call for pricing and availability.

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Liquid drain cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners seem like a good alternative to hiring a plumber that might charge you hundreds of dollars to clear your clogged pipes. Camarillo Plumbing services strongly recommend that you do not use any form of liquid plumbing solutions. One commonly used product is Draino. Draino is very cheap and according to the label it can unclogged most of the obstructions that might be stuck in your pipe.

However, these chemicals are very strong and can destroy your pipes. If your pipes are destroyed from this, they will become weaker and more likely to break in the future. Plumbers agree that you should never use draino for anything other than a door weight.


Camarillo Rooter service

Have you ever wondered what is rooter service and how is it different from plumbing? Rooter service goes back to the 1950’s. Rooter service was originally needed to remove roots from plumbing or water lines. Roots were the main cause of clogged pipes back in the day. Old pipes would crack or break and roots would grow into them clogging the pipe or causing slow draining pipes. Rooter services can be costly as the rooter team must dig up the ground and remove the roots and broken plumbing. There is almost no way to prevent rooter services other than planting vegetation and trees away from your houses pipe system. Roots grow how which ever way they find best, there is almost no controlling nature.